what people say

“Another excellent session – thanks Sarah.  Lots more great content for the team to focus on!”

James F

“This training provided me with new insights on myself and on team members. I believe it also strengthened the team spirit. So definitely worth our time.”

Zoey P, Head of Customer Journey

Very good course. Learnt a lot about myself and my train of thought in certain situations.  I am starting to understand more of the client’s needs and wants.  Would definitely recommend the course. Brilliant!!!!!”

Lee B, Project Sales Manager

“I have used papillon du bois for training and development for over 2 years now.  I love the way they facilitate training (and the venues they choose are always exceptional).  It is a truly interactive experience that ensures you get the most from whatever area you are covering.  Both Rob and Sarah are great at drawing out the pertinent points and giving you a greater understanding of the subject matter.  I have done a number of workshops with them, including 21st Century Leadership,Powerful Presentations and Colourful Communications.  Each one has helped me to perform better in my role, be it learning new questioning and listening techniques; learning how to be more impactful in presentations; or learning how to identify a person’s colour energy in order to better communicate with them.  Many others within Estates have done various workshops with papillon du bois and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their leadership skills, presentation skills, communication skills, or to harness and enhance the potential within their teams!”

Matt G – Accommodation & Space Planning Manager